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Our services range from custom and specific advisory services in relation to initial coin offerings and token generation events, to assistance in setting up cryptocurrency-focused funds and exchange platforms. In spite of the wide gamut of services, our goal remains singular: that of ensuring that our clients receive the best assistance possible backed with some of the longest-ranging experience in the sector. Whatever project our clients intend to pursue, we can ascertain the best structure possible and access to an extensive network of blockchain and cryptocurrency-experienced professionals so as to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Malta as Your Jurisdiction

Malta is a perfect jurisdiction for your blockchain company.

The first jurisdiction in the world with a holistic regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

5.6% GDP Year-on-Year growth
– the highest in the EU.

Attractive citizenship, residence,
and key employee programmes.

Business-friendly corporate tax scheme (effective tax rate approx. 5%)

List of Services

Your VFA Agent in Malta

Apart from guiding you in the licensing process and providing you with other related services, we can help you with the following: Registration of Whitepapers, Submission of an annual compliance certificate, Submission of application for a VFA licence, Endorsement of classification of VFAs, Liaison with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

ICO Advisory

Get our team as your personal advisory, and ensure complete support for your ICO from the start to finish. This way you cover the fundamentals of the ICO, and high-level technical aspects, such as the choice of the issuing platform, structuring of the ICO, ideal consensus mechanism and ICO target audience.

Legal Opinions

Our legal team will cover the regulatory status at the then-current time – the legal standing of the token to be issued during the ICO, the structure of an exchange, or the running of a crypto-fund. A legally-compliant project or venture, whether an ICO, an exchange, or a crypto-fund, is a must in view of the ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny of authorities.


Get advice on token quantity, utility value, and user interaction – giving value to one’s own token is the key to long-term success.

Terms and Conditions

We make sure that your Terms and Conditions ensure the terms of the relationship are clear and legally sound. The Terms and Conditions form the contractual relationship between the token issuer and the ICO participants.

System Audits

We audit systems in accordance with the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services act.


Get our guidance on implementing AML measures. Knowing who the ICO participants are has become an important requirement in ICOs despite the lack of regulatory clarity.


We make an analysis from a fundamentals perspective to ensure that the project proposition is business-viable in the long-term, and that the concept is ideal for marriage with distributed ledger technology.

ICO Exposure

The Bockchain Advisory team is often present at various international blockchain conferences, with the Managing Partner, Jonathan, participating as a keynote speaker in such events. Due to the team’s profile, your project would benefit from further prominent exposure.

Introducing Contacts

BCA boasts of an extensive network of international contacts, both within the blockchain industry and outside, so as to cater for every need of the ICO project. This includes introductions to industry leaders who may serve upon the ICO advisory board.

Advisory Board

Including any or all of BCA’s team members on one’s ICO advisory board acts as reassurance for ICO participants and other interested parties alike.

Customized Blockchain Development

We offer customized blockchain and cryptocurrency development services – get your own dedicated blockchain development team for any blockchain project for competitive prices.

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