Your VFA Agent in Malta

Blockchain Advisory is one of a few VFA Agents in Malta, ready to assist international businesses in becoming licensed in Malta. We act as gatekeepers for the MFSA and serve as your main contact for all VFA-related licensing requirements in Malta.

Apart from guiding you in the licensing process and providing you with other related services, we can help you with the following: A) Registration of Whitepapers; B) Submission of an annual compliance certificate; C) Submission of application for a VFA licence; D) Endorsement of classification of VFAs; E) Liaison with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Registration of Whitepapers

 The VFA Agent shall disclose to the MFSA any information it requires to verify any information which should be taken into account when considering an application for the registration of a whitepaper.

Submission of an annual compliance certificate

The VFA Agent shall review and submit a certificate of compliance to the MFSA on an annual basis, on behalf of the administrators of an issuer.

Submission of application for a VFA licence 

All applications for a licence under the VFA Act may only be made through a VFA Agent licenced to operate under the VFA Act.

Endorsement of classification of VFAs

The service provider is required to carry out the Financial Instrument Test to determine whether the DLT assets in relation to which these services are provided, are classified as VFAs. The determination and endorsement of such Test shall be carried out by the VFA Agent.

Liaison with the Malta Financial Services Authority

The VFA Agent shall act as a liaison between the Issuer and the MFSA on all matters in connection with the registration of the whitepaper/ trading of the issuer’s VFAs on a DLT Exchange.

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